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Gnarshmallow Game

Play Gnarshmallow on MySnowparks - the flash ski and snowboard game complete with backcountry, terrain parks, and all kinds of tricks. Throw down as a skier or snowboarder in deep powder if you prefer the backcountry or on all kinds of kickers, rails, boxes, and pipes in the terrain park levels.

Click somewhere inside the game area if the keys don't work.


Arrow keys or WASD to turn, spin, flip, and butter.

G or H to Lincoln Loop left and right

Z or J to mute grab. Unlock new grabs as you play and collect high scores...

HOME will reset the skier or snowboarder

Turn on 'Use Start Point' if you want to always start your line from the same spot.

Level Editing

Click on 'Stuff >' on the top left and hit the Zoom Out button. You'll be able to drag cliffs, bowls, jumps, and rails, and the start point around.

Click on 'Stuff >' to ride your new mountain.


This game is delivered by Gnarshmallow.com © 2008 imakewebsites.ca